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It's a struggle for many women - trying to figure out what to wear for one's body shape. It's something I struggled with back in my days of youth. But I am here to tell you that when you know the basics on what to enhance and what to camouflage, looking fly in your outfit becomes easier. Guess work becomes picking confidently. 


I am constantly asked by Customer what styles work for their specific body type. Before I delve into it, I explain to them that - One’s body shape is determined by the proportion of your Bust to your (natural) Waist to your Hips (measured at the widest part of your hip bone). As a reminder, that there is no such thing as the perfect body shape because once you know your body shape and what styles work best for you - YOUR BODY SHAPE IS THE PERFECT SHAPE!


Once you have determined your  body shape, my first advice is to ignore the number size that’s on the label; don’t let that number consume you. Instead, choose styles and cuts that flatter you, not because they’re trendy. In applying this method to dressing up, you can come to a style that is guaranteed to give your best look and you feeling good with what you are wearing. I find that when women learn what styles work well for them, they begin to be more confident with their outfit choices and get out of perhaps a style rut that they feel have been trapped in.


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Here are some quick tips on how to dress the most common body shapes:

  1. Apple – broad back, ribs and shoulders compared to hips; select styles that elongate your torso such as tops with interesting necklines and long lines; create an illusion of having a waist such as wearing A-line or Empire waist dresses.
  2. Rectangle (Column) – bust, waist and hip measurements are all about equal; wear styles that are feminizing such as tops with interesting patterns on the neckline or show off shoulders and neckline; create an illusion of having curves by wearing tops such as Peplum style or dresses with print and can be belted; avoid anything boxy or structured.
  3. Pear – narrow shoulder and waist (almost equal) while lower body is significantly wider; stick with styles that add volume to your shoulders such as light colors, patterns and embellishments on the upper portion of a top or dress; stick with dark colors for your bottom half; avoid loose fitting pants.
  4. Inverted Triangle (Strawberry) – long arms and broad shoulders with narrow hips and waist; balance your shoulders and hips with styles that accentuate your shoulders such as strapless tops/dresses or backless halter tops/dresses; create an illusion of a more proportioned shape by sticking with close (not tight) fitting styles that have color blocking; if you are busty, avoid items that are tight around your thighs and legs.
  5. Hourglass – shoulders and hips are similar in proportion set off by a proportionately smaller waist; find styles that define your waistline and highlight your curves; avoid styles that give you a flowy and shapeless look.

Bear in mind that these tips are basic and easy to follow tips. Watch out for future posts as I go in detail for each of the Body Shape. If you are still stumped, check out our Shop For Your Body Shape Collection on our website at Vêtue Boutique. Join our VIP Group for more tips and deals exclusive to members only. We would love you to follow us on Social on Facebook and Instagram for more tips on stepping up your outfit game.


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