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Having an Inverted Triangle body shape also known as Strawberry and V-Shape, means having the rarest body shape for women. Here's how you can tell if you have an Inverted Triangle body shape... 

It is easiest way to see this body shape when it is viewed from behind. Once you have this view, pay attention to the shoulders, waist and hips. Do you have:

  • Long broad shoulders 
  • Shoulder/bust larger than your hips

If the answers are yes, you have one of the rarest body shapes for women. That said, your best asset is your ample bust line so pay attention to this detail when picking your tops as the wrong style can leave you top heavy.


    outfit ideas for inverted triangle body shape3


    • Show off broad shoulders by sticking with styles that accentuate your upper half – look for strapless or backless halter tops 
    • If you are busty, avoid items that are super tight around the thighs and legs – AVOID pencil skirts, skinny jeans, and short shorts as they leave you looking top heavy.
    • No structured or masculine style top - they widen your shoulders 
    • Avoid drapey or flowy tops as they widen you more on the shoulders 
    • Find items that appear to widen your bottom half; COLORED PANTS ARE GOOD but not dark colors; FULL FLIRTY skirts that are fitted at the waist and flow out like a bell are good choices. 
    • Horizontal stripes at the bottom ½ are good.


    • Stick with close fitting styles that have color blocking features – solid color on top preferably darker in color and horizontal lines or a patterned bottom ½ preferably lighter in color.
    • AVOID cropped pants especially if you are petite; they shorten you.
    • Wear skirts that add fullness to your hips such as A-line, wrap, pleated or flare skirts. For fitted skirts, find one made of heavier fabric.
    • For petite women, you can give an illusion of height by wearing skirts that are short or above your knee - show your legs!


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    shirts for inverted triangle shape



    best pants jean style for inverted triangle body shape



    Cindy Crawford

    Charlize Theron

    Giselle Bündchen 


    Remember, these are suggestions for an Inverted Triangle body shape to play up your body’s assets and camouflage certain areas so you can maximize your personal style. The beauty of fashion and style is ultimately knowing what feels right for you to wear. However, if you feel like you are in a style rut, maybe it’s time to evaluate what you dislike about your current style, and what and how would you like to change it? 


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