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Touted as the perfect woman's body shape, the Hourglass body shape is the look that women want to accomplish when trying to achieve a balance in proportions in the Bust, Waist and Hips. Well known contemporary celebrities such as Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson are the perfect visual examples of this body shape. Additionally, look into Raquel Welch, Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe who were iconic for their Hourglass figure.

Here's how you can tell if you have an Hourglass body shape... 

  • Shoulders & hips are similar in proportion and set off by a proportionately  smaller waist
  • Curves

Although an Hourglass body shape is the ideal silhouette, it does have some challenges. But one thing is for sure, show off that waist of yours!



  • MOST dress styles work for your body (lucky!!!) but AVOID EMPIRE CUT because fabric flows out just under the bra line into a flowing tent like silhouette. This creates a shapeless look. 
  • Close fitting (NOT TIGHT) Dresses are the best! Especially those belted at the waist. 
  • Wrap dresses that tie in the front, side or back and create a V-neck accentuates the waist and hips.  And make sure you are wearing a bra that fits you well.
  • Tailored blazers add structure and highlight the waist
  • You CAN GET AWAY with most skirts EXCEPT those if you are Petite. In that case, don’t wear skirts that are too long (way past your knees).
  • Tops should be tucked in. If not, make sure the hem of top falls on the waist.
  • Jeans are challenging because most off the rack denim is more proportioned for a smaller waist to hip ratio. To find the right fit, make sure that you can fit your hand (palm flat) between your bottoms and the waist band. 




Remember, these are suggestions for an Hourglass body shape to play up your body’s assets and camouflage certain areas so you can maximize your personal style. The beauty of fashion and style is ultimately knowing what feels right for you to wear. However, if you feel like you are in a style rut, maybe it’s time to evaluate what you dislike about your current style, and what and how would you like to change it? 

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