style journal | dressing for your body shape - an introduction

Don't we all wish we have the perfect body?!? The kind of body shape where whatever clothes we put on, they just look perfect on us.  Well, reality is, we don't. Even fashion magazines do some hacks when clothes are styled and fitted on a model. But, don't fret just like the magazines and their editorial styling and shoots, there are hacks we can do to elongate our short torso, broaden our very narrow shoulders, or create a visible waist - just to name a few.

Recently I did a talk in the community about dressing for your body shape. It was well received as it led to a couple more bookings of offering the same talk within my neighborhood. And I am more than happy to oblige.

One of the pillars of starting vêtue boutique was to help women feel more confident with their body shape by helping them find styles that work with their shape. The goal is to camouflage their problem areas and enhance their assets.  I find that when women learn what works well or don't for them, they begin to be more confident of their outfit choices and they get out of the style rut that they have been trapped in. That's why I believe in creating a brand for myself that empowers women one outfit at a time. 

In the next upcoming series of blog entries, I will write about the most common body shapes for women. Each entry will focus on a specific body type and will cover the following: Identify the body traits and assets; Goal to maximize traits and assets; and How to dress for your body type. Our tagline is "Let us dress you!" We mean it. We are here to help you.

We hope you read and enjoy this upcoming series on Body Shapes. 



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