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Also known as the A Shape, Pear Body Shape is the most classic of women’s shape. It is the most common of all shapes and has its own challenges to dress up. If you have a Pear Body shape, check out celebrities like SandraBullock, Kylie Jenner (image is a great reference on what a Pear shape body looks like), and Jennifer Lopez to see how they dress their body shape to celebrate their personal style. Wondering if you have this shape? Here’s how you can tell:



  • Narrow shoulder and waist (almost similar)
  • Well defined waist
  • Lower body is wider than upper body
  • Rounded bottom
  • Typically wear 2 different sizes – top and bottom


Celebrate your body shape by showing off your shapely shoulders and fabulous décolletage. And don't forget that slim waist of yours!

Image Source: Inside Out Style Blog via Pinterest




  • Wear a good bra such as a well molded demibra under skimming or close-fitting tops
  • Light colored tops are great choices as well as those with patterns and embellishments- they create a broader look for the arms and shoulders
  • Structured tops create illusions of broad shoulders
  • Select tops with neckline that draw attention to your upper half – V-neck, boat neck, sweetheart or cap sleeves
  • Gentle detailing on the neckline, statement necklaces and accessories like chandelier earrings and scarves do wonder in helping create a proportionate top to bottom look. An oversized purse can also draw the attention to your assets
  • Tops should hit you on the hip bone to keep your torso looking long
  • Tops and dresses with cap, billowy and ruched sleeves are good choices
  • Ideal dresses are SHEATH, EMPIRE WAIST and WRAP dresses that cinch at the waist and subtly flare out
  • Dark colored straight leg pants with flat front, minimal or no waist band, are your best choices; wide leg pants are also a good choice as they give ease to hips and thighs


Image Source: Pinterest


Image Source: Pinterest


Image Source: Pinterest



  • Boxy shapes for tops as well as baggy and billowy tops and tunics
  • Dark colors for top as they can further minimize your shoulder
  • Tops that hit you at the navel or above it as they will cut your body in half and will accentuate your disproportionate shape
  • When wearing longer tops, avoid having them land on the broadest part of your backside
  • Bias cut skirts and dresses; also pencil, fish tail and tube skirts
  • For shorts, AVOID Daisy Dukes. STICK with mid-thigh options but for tall pear shape, try Bermuda style shorts – they are dressier and don’t accentuate the upper thighs and area
  • SHORTER PEAR SHAPE OR THOSE WITH SHORTER LEGS – stay away from knee length shorts because they will cut your legs in half further emphasizing your wider hips
  • Low waisted skinny jeans
  • Bottoms with back pockets that are below the waist band
  • Pants with cuffs unless you are tall
  • Bottoms that have a busy print, plaids, horizontal patterns and embellishments as they will draw attention to this area
  • Low wearing belts


Remember, these are suggestions for a Pear body shape to play up your body’s assets and camouflage certain areas so that you can maximize your personal style. The beauty of fashion and style is ultimately you know what feels right for you to wear. However, if you feel like you are in a style rut, maybe it’s time to evaluate what about your current style you dislike, and what and how would you like to change it? At Vêtue Boutique, it is our goal to help you feel and look your best. If you are still stumped, check out our Shop For Your Body Shape Collection on our website. Join our VIP Group for more tips and deals exclusive to members only. We would love you to follow us on Social on Facebook and Instagram for more tips on stepping up your outfit game.  You can also subscribe to our non spamy email list. Empowering you one outfit at a time makes us happy. And remember, trends will come and go but style is timeless.

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