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Photo Source: Google Images


Oprah Winfrey, Queen Latifah and Drew Barrymore are famous celebrities with an Apple shape body. If you look how they are dressed at Red Carpet Events, you will find that there is a lot more detail on their outfit featured on the upper part of their torso particularly around their neckline or perhaps a waist that’s cinched in. So what are the characteristics of an Apple shape body?



  • Broad shoulders, back and ribs
  • Average to full bust
  • Weight typically carried on your stomach
  • Undefined waist; short waist
  • Narrow/slim legs


Apple shape gals are known for their gorgeous shoulders and great legs!!! Show them off ladies!!!


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Elongate The Torso

  • Invest in a great fitting bra (this is a must for all body shapes!)
  • Buttons on your blouse or shirt dress should be easy to fasten and doesn’t appear to be pulling
  • If wearing a button up tailored shirt wear unbuttoned to midchest for a deep V line that shows some cleavage - a little bit is sexy
  • Wear tops and dresses with interesting neckline because it draws the eye upwards away from your stomach
  • Dark and neutral color tops are most flattering
  • Tunics are great because they skim and have a straight line but make sure they are in fabrics that drape to smooth over your upper body. They are great to pair with slim pants and straight skirts. Do make sure to wear the length of the tunic just below the bottom as it is flattering with pants. For skirts find a length that is cut at the high hip
  • Consider tops like Dolman (avoid for petites), Raglan, and Kimono
  • U and V necklines are great choices along with tops and dresses with asymmetric openings cut on the diagonal
  • When wearing jackets or coats with pockets, they should be at hip level

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Create An Illusion Of Having A Waist

  • Wear dresses in fabrics that stretch and drape such as Shifts, Shirt Dresses and Drop Waist or Torso dresses
  • Belted A-Line and Empire dresses are great choices. An A-line draws the waist in and with a belt, it draws the illusion of the waist and draw one’s eyes to it
  • Dresses with a front knot detail are good choices. The ruching (gathering or pleating on a garment) of the dress will create the appearance of a knot directly under the mid-section of the bust pulling the fabric away from the stomach
  • Wear skirts that are slightly flared but nothing too full or exaggerated and in drapy fabrics only.
  • Any pattern you wear over your middle section draw the eye up and down, wear patterns such as chevron – it creates an illusion of waist.

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You Got Legs!!!

  • Wear skinny jeans. Don’t like them? Wear bottoms that are tapered at the bottom half to create a slim shape.
  • Boot cut bottoms are also a great choice
  • Flat front bermudas are a great choice for shorts. Avoid shorts with waist bands even minimal waist bands. Make sure the top you wear them with are skimming and not heavy material.
  • Wear straight skirts with deep side slits at hemline add to the vertical line
  • Wear skirts just slightly above the knee
  • If you prefer bright colors and patterns, wear on the bottom half but be very careful on prints as some may add more volume depending on placement


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  • Avoid wearing crop cargo style pants or shorts with chunky athletic sneakers – creates a PE Teacher look
  • T-shirts and any oversized top with shoulder seams that hangs on your upper arms. This creates a masculine boxy look.


Remember, these are suggestions for an Apple shape to play up your body’s assets and camouflage certain areas. The beauty of fashion and style is ultimately you know what feels right for you to wear. However, if you feel like you are in a style rut, maybe it’s time to evaluate what about your current style you dislike, and what and how would you like to change it? At Vêtue Boutique, it is our goal to help you feel and look your best. If you are still stumped, check out our Shop For Your Body Shape Collection on our website. Join our VIP Group for more tips and deals exclusive to members only. We would love you to follow us on Social on Facebook and Instagram for more tips on stepping up your outfit game.  You can also subscribe to our non spamy email list. Empowering you one outfit at a time makes us happy. And remember, trends will come and go but style is timeless.

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