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Happy New Year! And that means one thing - our Anniversary is coming up.  January 3rd is our First Anniversary. This is a big one. Last year, after months of planning we finally pulled the plug and launched our website. Thanks to customers like you we have had a successful first year with many repeat customers and new customers believing in our products and what our boutique stand for. We truly would not been successful with you.


 Oh yeah, our First Anniversary...


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Mark your calendar, January 3-7!!! We are celebrating for 5 Days with a special offering of 20% off your purchase of $75 or more. And get a free gift (while supplies last) with your purchase on January 3rd. Now how's that for a First Anniversary celebration?

When we started, our Facebook Group was our driving force. However, as our business evolved, we have transitioned all our Facebook communications and marketing through our Facebook Page Vêtue Boutique. This was a decision in response to our need to reach out to more fabulous ladies like yourself. Many of you Follow and Share our Page and we thank you. The Page is growing and engaging slowly but surely. We have also transitioned our New Arrivals Live preview in our Page and that has been well received. In addition to the changes on Facebook, if you have not noticed, you now also have the ability to pay via Apple Pay.

Lastly, for our local customers, we are hoping to be at indoor Pop-up venues.

So what about New Arrivals? Spring and Summer are just around the corner and we are preparing our usual shopping trip for the seasons. Definitely stay tuned for more New Arrivals as we get closer to the new season. We promise, we have the newest and prettiest of the trends coming. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, Winter is not over and we have the most fabulous layering pieces on our website.

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